Mind – Body Balance: Counseling for Children and Adults


Dr. Caelan Soma provides mind and body counseling and coaching to children, adolescents and adults. Using an eclectic therapeutic style she draws from her expertise in nutrition and psychology to provide client-centered, sensory based interventions that encourage overall wellness and balance.  Each client’s strengths and interests are central to all recommendations and treatment plans with the  belief that every person requires a individualized and developmentally appropriate treatment approach. She often weaves nutrition assessments and recommendations, expressive arts, journal prompts and mind-body skills such as guided imagery and mindfulness into her sessions. Dr. Soma approaches every client with attention, curiosity and compassion.

Dr. Soma’s specialty areas include: women and children’s issues including: body image, weight management, nutrition counseling for optimal health and wellness, grief, stress, trauma, attention and focus challenges, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, pain, eating disorders and emotional regulation.

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